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Object_ Diary


"The Object_Diary” was an everyday project Magdalene started creating since 2 Oct 2019 and conducted for 185 consecutive days. It consists of two parts: “The Day Diary: Remote” and "The Night Diary: Dust”.


As the names suggest, the former is a series of the mornings, while the latter depicts the evenings. These abstract diaries documented her everyday life, with hint of changes in her mind & emotions throughout the day. She committed to draw day & night pieces on same day, so to make each context authentic, before the memory got fade away. She also calls this project "My Dyslexic Diary” as it contains no words.


This project was created with one reason, a ritual. After having deep insecurities towards life after uni like many others, at almost same time, seeing Home town's political backlashes when there's so little we could fight against the Great party. To even pandemic's continuous lockdowns forcing us live in 'new normals'. She desperate to find a ritual to cope with her anxiety. Here, she translates her mind into shapes, mood into colours. It is a form of documentation, expression and mindfulness exercise.


There are lots of hidden messages in each drawing. She invites people to read her diaries, and you may find her key to decrypt images.

"The Day Diary: Remote" is honoured to be shortlisted for World Illustration Awards 2021. 

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