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Reimagine The 
Normal Stuff



This book is something more than just brushes, it offers a fresh perspective on normal objects. It is an exploration journey of re-realising the stuff that we already owned and re-knowledging of what we naturally thought was good in design. It introduces a long-term discovery of the beauty (the useful good) in the normals, to recall our consciousness on what we own and need. It is a core of awareness of ‘doing good’ as a conscious consumer.


There are several schools of thought about why we should appreciate the normals (or in others’ words, the ordinaries or the everyday objects) from different philosophers and artists, alongside an investigation that Magdalene has created to invite people to discover and rethink of a new perception of good design through their found brushes. It is here to inspire you to reimagine normal objects, what they meant to us.​

**Word & Image & Edited by Magdalene Leung**

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