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The Day Diary: Remote


The Object__ Diary


"Hello World. I’m ready to go.


First thing first when I wake up in the morning is do some morning stretches while enjoying the warm spring sunshine through my window. That's more fantasy in my mind... In real life, the story never starts this way. I'm not sure since when going for my phone becomes almost an unconscious natural body reaction from the second I wake up from bed. Does it symbolise a proper way of starting a productive day? Is it true that we are living in such tragic age that we cannot live without social media and the Internet? Are we so desperate to connect with the virtual world out there? Today, I still have no clue or answer, because I'm more or less playing in part of this modern illness culture.


The subject — the phones reveal a lot about us. The way we personalise it, the data that we store in and the appearances. They are symbols of ownership and privacy. It represents us, so as my phone, it represents myself. I also see my phone as remote control of my body and mind, just one click to put me back to the ‘real world’, no matter I want it or not. By drawing the day diary series, it switches me brain focus, as the lines are very restricted to the phone shape. The idea is similar to adulting, to behave maturely within social norms and to do good without breaking rules. You may also see my silhouette on the screen — I want to explore and reevaluate my ironic relationship with my mobile phone, through the lens of myself on screen - How (in)dependent i am living with(out) it? How it has ‘control’ over my lifestyle and mental health?"

**Digital Illustration on Procreate**

"The Day Diary: Remote" is honoured to be shortlisted for World Illustration Awards 2021. Click here to learn more.

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