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The 150 Brushes


BRUSH — Reimagine The Normal Stuff

"It is hard to convey the abstract concept of ‘recognising the useful good’ without a good example. Among all of the normal stuff we encountered in our life, I was looking for an inclusive product that people could all related, something that goes beyond the barrier of gender identity, ethnic backgrounds and cultural beliefs.


I have spent days searching for the right object, from department stores to local supermarkets, expecting the ‘normal’ items to pop up on me. After numerous failures, I have learnt that  I cannot aim at things that I’m not familiar with, new and unused. I needed something that has at least some kind of emotional impact on myself. It was just another usual day that I went shopping restocking my toiletries in Boots until I saw a big shelf with a huge collection of hairbrushes for different purposes from different brands at different prices. I was so fascinated by the variety of designs they have in there. No matter if they had the exact same function or not, their appearance had caught my eyes. It was the moment I nearly forgot about the fact that I already own one at home. The ordinary existence of my hairbrush is extraordinary, that has long lived in my cupboard with me for years. Not only hairbrushes, brushes for cleaning, makeup or painting. They can be found around us literally everywhere, that make themselves the best universal ‘language’ to discuss the topic of useful beauty."

**Image of 150 brushes collected from 25 people, different genders. Digitally retouched.**

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