The Ink Diary

(Coming soon)

This is a documentary platform created for her tattoo journey, all artworks listed are works for her clients.

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The Ink Diary is a unique tattoo project, she welcomes people to reimagine hidden stories of found objects. To expand her practice in another format. Pushing boundary from The Object_Diary. Here, there's no limit on which object. By discovering, revaluing & sharing the experience with the chosen subject, this journey would awaken our memory of how we initially or eventually fall in love at first place. It aims to return extra values back to the storyteller.

Apart from being the creator herself, everyone are welcome to translate their narratives into a life-long credit onto skin.

If you'd like to be part fo this project, she'd love to hear it! Get in touch here

Define ‘object’: Could be very ordinary (so-called ‘unseen beauty’) or extremely personal. Ideally refer to non-living subject that has some extend of connection to yourself.

Define ‘ordinary’: Something that you owned / known for a lengthy period, which came into your life for a reason. The longer you claimed it, its existence becomes normalised, and often-to-completely taken granted.